Debt Collection  Solutions

With over 15 years of experience in international debt collection,

we have obtained the necessary keys to unlock all types of problems

Assistance in the collection of debts: Information about assets, land and real estate properties, Repossessions, arrangements for bailiffs’ procedures, service of legal documents, litigation and enforcement of judgments.


Associate Member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors


Information about debtor's assets and properties in France

The Laforgue Law Firm, associate member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, assists you in having legal and financial information about debtor's assets and properties.


The Laforgue Law Firm is able to provide to its clients accurate information about the physical assets of a company or an individual.


The Laforgue Law Firm is registered to have access to the national real estate property files and is able to provide detailed information on real estate properties in France for any company or individual

Letter Demanding Payment

The Laforgue Law Firm assists you in drafting official "letters of demand”.


This letter, which advises the debtor of past due amounts, is a very important step in the collection process, as it warns the debtor of your intention to commence legal proceedings unless payment is made.


It is also a document that may serve as written proof of your claim in court, and of your attempt to settle the matter.


Sending a "letter of demand" is often necessary prior to bringing a lawsuit before the Court, and can be deemed an official act that suspends the running of the limitation period.

Debt recovery through a lawsuit

The Laforgue Law Firm assists and represents you:      


- In taking legal action before any French court


- In following proceedings if your debtor is in bankruptcy or compulsory liquidation


- In establishing your priority rights as a registered creditor in the event of your debtor’s insolvency

Statutory and contractual interest

You may have a statutory right to charge interest on past due debts.


You have to ask yourself:

- Has a contractual rate been set?


- What is the maximum legal rate you can impose?


Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help you calculate the amount of statutory or contractual interest you are entitled to charge.


We generally charge a success fee on the no-win no-fee basis, no upfront payment is required to our client

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a fee quote for your case

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